Our social actions

Sÿnia supports and promotes the employment of people with disabilities.


On February 21 2020 we signed an agreement with the “Association des Paralysés de France” (APF) for which we are committed to employing one or more people with disabilities when the workload becomes too important to be managed by our teams.

To date, we have worked with three people with different disabilities, physical and mental. To improve their accessibility and their support in the professional environment, the agreement leaves them the choice of working at the workplace or teleworking within the APF center.

This initiative allows them to integrate into the professional environment and to discover different professions in which they are able to work according to their handicap.

Find out more about APF.

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Sÿnia is committed to the Pre-Employment Training Action (AFPR).

The AFPR is a system dedicated to anyone registered with Pôle Emploi, intended to bridge the gap between the skills held by the person seeking employment and those required for the job that this person is aiming for. The employer has financial assistance for training after the candidate has been hired for at least 6 months on a fixed-term contract.

Since 2019, three employees have been recruited via the AFPR. Two of them are on permanent contracts and the third is currently on fixed-term contracts.

This initiative makes it easier to hire people looking for work. It is an excellent compromise for which Sÿnia is committed to continuing.

Find out about our employees recruited through AFPR.

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