Doming olfactory


Fragrant Doming

Unique in Europe, Sÿnia offers you its flagship product: a patented global innovation.

Give meaning to your communication with our innovative technology. Make your domings original by incorporating a scent and free your imagination to offer unusual, authentic, and revolutionary products to your customers. To achieve such an innovation, we integrate a fragrance in the polyurethane resin.

  • It brings real added value to your communication media;
  • It is a marketing tool in its own right;
  • It embellishes and differentiates your products / packaging;
  • It acts on 3 senses: sight, touch, and scent;
  • It helps distinguish your brand from that of your competitors;
  • It improves the experience of your customers and makes it easier to remember your brand;

The olfactory doming has no limits! We can perfume your markings with any existing scent (chocolate, vanilla, wood, etc.) or with custom-created scents (unique olfactory identity).