Know-how is the resin of our existence. With solid experience in screen printing, digital printing and resin deposition, Sÿnia works with a team of experts specializing in very specific fields.


Innovation is a concentrate of fresh ideas and elsewhere. Thanks to its capacity for innovation and its dynamism, Sÿnia offers innovative and original products. Perfumed Doming is a patented international innovation.


Trust is a delicious fragrance with a pleasant and lasting odor. Committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach, we ensure that we build sustainable and ethical relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Le doming
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Le Doming

Doming, dome label, permavision or 3D label, all of these terms refer to a single process which consists of depositing a transparent polyurethane resin on an adhesive backing. When it dries the resin takes the form of a dome (three-dimensional lenticular effect).
  • This process gives an exceptional brilliance and volume to your marking labels.
  • Doming is a technique that greatly enhances the visual impact of your markings.
  • This technique brings real added value to your communication media.
  • The resin deposit will protect your adhesive labels from external pollution.
  • The embossed label tag greatly enhances the customer experience.
  • The Doming is inspired by neuromarketing since it acts on several senses: sight, touch, and smell (optional).
This process applies to different media, adapts to all sectors of activity and offers various techniques. At Sÿnia, we offer several types of Doming:
  • Traditional Doming
  • Olfactory Doming (patented innovation)
  • Textile Doming (novelty 2019)
  • Magnetic Doming (novelty 2019)
  • Doming with ciment tiles effect (new in 2019)
  • Colorful Doming
  • Thermo-chromic Doming
  • Doming phosphorescent
  • Doming letter to letter
  • Micro-Doming
  • Giant doming
The manufacturing process is represented by a complete integrated chain in 9 steps:
  • Prepress
  • Impression
  • Die cutting
  • Olfactory creation (optional)
  • Resin deposit
  • Olfactory integration (optional)
  • Finishing control
  • Conditioning
  • Expedition
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The doming process

The 9 steps we folllow



A team of operators supports your vector files or images in 300 DPI and ensures their compliance and quality using an electronic BAT.



Our machine park is composed of HD digital printers that allow us to launch orders of all sizes and very high quality.



Our digital cutting tools give you a wide choice of creativity and a fine detail.


Olfactory creation

We can create the scent you want, using your concentrate, our fragrances or working with our creative nose.

Doming Synia ; doming parfumé ; doming olfactif ; etiquette perfume ; odeur synia


Resin deposit

We deposit a clear polyurethane resin on your adhesive mounts. Solid or flexible, our resins meet REACH and ROHS II standards.

Doming Synia ; doming olfactif ; doming parfumé ; etiquette en relief ; etiquette perfume ; etiquette 3D ; odeur Synia ; Depot de résine ;


Olfactory integration

We integrate your smell in the resin, drying, it is protected from external aggression and lasts several months.


Finish control

Our team is in charge to make selective sorting for which each Doming is carefully controlled to deliver an exceptional finished product.



We are able to offer you various packaging, unit, board, kit, bagging, etc.

Doming Synia ; doming olfactif ; doming parfumé ; etiquette en relief ; etiquette perfume ; etiquette 3D ; odeur Synia ; conditionnement Synia ;



We work with several carriers to satisfy your requests even in case of emergency.

Doming Synia ; doming olfactif ; doming parfumé ; etiquette en relief ; etiquette perfume ; etiquette 3D ; odeur Synia ; expédition Synia ;


The team

Favorite activity : Travel
Favorite number : 8
Sentence : Ne jamais rien lâcher
Sylvain Maillard

Sylvain Maillard

 "At Synia, we listen to all of your ideas. "

"Never give up": that is my motto. This expression perfectly underlines the daily step that I have established so far to become a leader and that I continue to put in place with my team to allow each of us to achieve his professional goals.
It is also a daily challenge that goes through the good relationship between all stakeholders in society. These are actions that we want to achieve with our customers, our partners, our suppliers, our service providers to sustain our future.
This future depends on the quality of our products and the speed of our services, through a dynamic research and development strategy, personalized advice, the use of the best technologies, the know-how of our trained and specialized teams in our particular field, and by a more ethical and responsible approach every year.
I thank all our loyal customers for their creativity and confidence.
I thank all our partners for their professionalism.
I thank all my team for their skills and efficiency!

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Mattifying agent polyvalent


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